Brew & Bread @ Kota Kemuning

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I had an appointment at Shah Alam few days back and i thought this is a good opportunity to try out at those cafes nearby which is somewhere around Kota Kemuning. Because according to CafehopKL, there's a few cafe around Kota Kemuning. And i actually researched a day before on which cafe to go coz there were 3 cafes and in the end i chose Brew & Bread. Maybe another time for the other 2 cafes? Hehe.

So i went there around 2 something hoping to get some lunch and this is what i ordered.
Prawn Aglio Olio (forgive my thumb on the bottom left of the picture)

Iced Latte
The aglio olio was good and it's spicy enough. Me likey! The combination was good and the prawn is fresh. No complains on the aglio olio. But i think the portion is not filling enough and i guess there's a reason behind it. I'll share with you what's the reason behind it. As for drinks, i ordered the iced latte which also did not dissapoint but it was too icey. Maybe less ice will be better. Hehe, just my two cents.

Yogurt Cheese
I guess that's the reason why the spaghetti is not filling enough. Because they want you to try their desserts! Btw, i tried to tilt the photo but it somehow turned out that way. Hmm. Back to the cake, yea, i wasn't full enough so i went over to their dessert section and i saw this. It's actually cheesecake so nothing much to shout about. The food is ok, the ambience is good but what surprised me the most is their hospitality.

There was a girl sitting opposite studying for her exam i guess. Coz i saw there's a big stack of notes on the table. And halfway studying she got tired so she fell asleep. Nothing special about it coz well sometimes i did that too. Hehe. But one of the staff walked over to her table and asked her whether is she ok. I mean, this is something small. A small gesture but this shows how much they concern about each customer. At least that's what i thought. I know we might not like people disturbing us when we are resting but what if the girl passed out or something. At least the staff is caring enough to check on her, to make sure that she is fine. I think other than good food, good people/staff is important too. For that, i give them two thumbs up!
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Wondermilk @ Publika

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I've always wanted to try the cupcakes from Wondermilk until one fine day i was so depressed that i need cake to make me feel better. Yah, it just an excuse for me to eat cakes. Heh. I tried their red velvet cupcake and iced baby latte. Ok, it was really a baby size coz it was really small and the thing is i didn't stir my coffee that's why it got sweeter and sweeter towards the end of my drink.
My baby latte and the red velvet cake

It was quite nice but i think i prefer iced cold cakes than cupcakes. My definition for iced cold cakes are like those cakes that need to be kept in the fridge. Well, somehow i think it tastes better that way. ;)

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Nyok Lan Kajang Satay

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I was at Kajang today due to some work appointments. And i was thinking since i'm in Kajang, why not trying their local delicacies, the famous Kajang satay. To be honest, i don't really remember whether did i try i before but for sure i don't recall trying it in the past 10 years. I wasn't really sure whether which stall is the best and so i asked XBlog Malaysia (more about this later on) and apparently most of the search result suggested Nyok Lan Kajang Satay and it so happened that it's just walking distance from the place i was having appointment.

This is the place.
It's quite easy to find. If you are coming from Sg Long, just take the exit to Kajang and then just go straight until you see the police station which is on your left, turn left and this shop is just down the road.

It's my first time here, well, as far as i remembered. I wasn't really sure how to order so i just walked in like a lost child and ask around and the aunty asked me to read the menu board. So there's chicken, beef, mutton, duck and fish satay. Actually i wanted to ask whether do they have the duck satay because i told the aunty "5 sticks for each flavour" and apparently there wasn't any duck satay in my pack of satayssssss. I was curious but i did not ask in the end because the staffs there are so grumpy that i am afraid that if i ask more, they will give me a cold stare or worst still, give me a lecture. :P. It's my fault for not asking so i should not put the blame on others hahaha.

So in the end i bought 10 chicken satay, 5 beef satay, 5 mutton satay, 5 fish satay, 3 ketupats, 4 pieces of chicken wing, one cantonese yin yong and one hailam mee. Looks like a feast, doesnt it? Haha. It's for 4 person so don't judge. Lol.

Looks unassuming huh? Wait wait, this is just the beginning. Let me show you the rest.

My comments: The cantonese yin yong and the hailam mee is just ok. There's stall selling same stuff but tastes much better. The chicken wing was ok too. Not too bad but there's one chicken wing stall somewhere near my house is better. The satay was just normal too. But wait, the best thing is yet to be presented, which is................
Yes! The sauce!!! Again, this looks normal to you right? Don't let that fool you. The sauce is not to be eaten alone. It has to go with this.
Again, this sambal alone doesn't taste right. You have to mix it with the peanut sauce. OWH MAI GAWD! THAT'S THE BOMB!!! IT TASTES SO GOOD AFTER YOU MIX THEM TOGETHER THAT I CAN ONLY EXPRESS ITS AWESOMENESS WITH CAPITAL LETTERS!

Seriously, the sauce is really the bomb. I don't know how to describe the taste but trust me it definitely tastes awesome. I was thinking whether can we buy their sauce only? Hehe. Will there be second visit for me? It depends how much am i craving for satay, no, i mean the sauce. X)

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Holla again!!

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Hello again world! As you might (or might not) noticed that my blog layout has changed. Yes it looks much cleaner and simpler and all these couldn't be done without this great guy, Kent . Yes, he did all these to my blog! Thanks so much!!

Ok, now back to the blog. My last post was in October 2012. It's already August now, almost 60% of 2013 gone. So what happened throughout this period? Lots of things happened that even me myself can't believe how certain things turned out. Well, let's just summarize it. 

January, started my new job on the second day of January 2013. Never thought that i would land myself this job. Nothing much to say about this job because there's a saying that goes like this "if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all." Yeap, that pretty much sums up everything about the job.

February, got my car! Got it on the very first day of February. Why did i buy a car? Because of my current job. Yes, i bought a car because of my job. Whether is it a wise investment, well well, time will be the best judge i guess.

March, got myself into an accident. Fortunately it was a minor one where i was not injured at all but my poor little car was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. :( And it happened 2 days before my convocation. So my feelings was rather mixed. I don't know whether should i be happy or sad because it all happened within few days and i still have not adjusted myself yet. But undeniably the convo was the highlight of the month because my boyfriend came all the way back from Singapore to attend it! Thanks Ken Kent ;) :*

April, i guess getting back my car from the ICU considered as a good thing. Got my car back in April 6th. How come i remembered it so clearly? Because it was the first Saturday of the month. Haha. 

May, my nanny's daughter got married. She is like my elder sister so i am really happy for her. It's like looking at my own sister getting married. I think i will only experience feelings like this for once only because i am the eldest in my family. So yea.. Oh wait, unless another friend of mine gets married, then i will feel the same way again. And coincidentally, both of them share the same name. Haha.

June, i would say June 2013 was the highlight of the year and also the highlight of my life. Because......I WENT TAIWAN!!!! It was my first time travelling that far with my boyfriend and his family and it was really a fun trip! Now that i know why people said that travelling opens up your eyes. It is very true. I experienced so many things there and all of them are so unforgettable. Typing this reminds me of my trip to Taiwan. I will definitely go back again. When? Hopefully within these few years. :)

July, the boyfriend came back for 2 weeks before he starts his job. And yes, i consider that as a memorable event too. Oh ya, one more memorable event that i missed it is his convocation. :( Yea, i know how bad it is. That leave an indelible mark, deep down in my heart. I know its pointless mentioning it now. What i can do now and in the future is to treat him the best i could. Sorry. :'(

August, went to Singapore for 4 days. To spend time with him. It was a very enjoyable trip. Nothing fancy. Just eat and walk around but the feeling was great. Hopefully another long holiday come really soon. *fingers crossed*

It is almost the end of August now. What will happen in September, October, November and December? I wouldn't know for now. But i definitely hope that it will be good. This year has been an eventful one thus far. Hopefully it will be the same for the rest of the year. 

Till then, xoxo.
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Veet it off!!

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I am pretty sure Veet is a household name to all the girls out there. It's something that gives you smooth and hairless skin! Imagine this, you're on a date with a hot guy and you were trying to flirt with your legs so you tried to seduce him with your legs but damn! those hair on your legs! It's such a turn off aint it? Ok you have hairless legs, how bout your, erm, armpit? C'mon, we're all human after all. You want to look good in that sleeveless shirt dontcha? Here comes the saviour, Veet!!! :D Veet it off and bring out the confidence in you! Lol, sounds like a commercial. Anyway, though this is a bit cliche, but i do think girls feel more confident after waxing and everything. Not only it feels like you "unloaded" some stuff off you, you feel sexier too! And you would want to wear clothes that will boost your confidence! So start using Veet today girls! ;)

Anyway, i revamped one of my tops. I was kinda afraid when i was cutting it. I was afraid that i might tear it. But i think it turns out quite well. Hehe.

So unflattering O_o

Wee~ From an oversized top to a crop top!! I think it turns out quite well. I mean it's not like it's perfect but it's nice and this is my first time doing it! successkid.jpg. And fingers crossed, hopefully i can win this *___*

Oh just in case you are still unsure about how Veet works, no worries, we are in this world with a handy tool called Youtube. Check out the videos below! ;)

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Nuffnang Comic Bloggers Gathering

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So i saw there's this comic bloggers gathering that Nuffnang is organizing. Well if you ask me, i love to draw stuff. But bear this is mind, love to draw and having the talent to draw is 2 different thing. And this is what always happened when i was trying to draw something.

This is what i have in mind about what to draw:

This is the outcome of my drawings:
What? There's still 60% alike. The hair, the mouth and everything. Right right?
Well, anyway, i really want to attend this comic blogger gathering so that they can teach some dummy proof skills to draw a better comic me. T___T And yes, the image above is the comic me that i am going to submit.  Or hey Nuffnang, if you don't mind, can i cheat? :B with this.

It's a very comical me! :D

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Emelia's Farewell @ Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant

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This is actually my second visit to Uncle Jang. The first time was actually 2 weeks ago. The food is nice and affordable at the same time, compared to other Korean restaurants. Maybe because they only have a few choices of food available? They are actually famous for Dak Galbi. Dak Galbi is a very popular Korean dish where you stir fry marinated chicken with rice cakes, cabbage, potato, onions and chilli paste. They have spicy and non spicy option. The last time we went, there was 5 of us and we ordered 3 portions. 2 portion non spicy and 1 portion spicy and the level of spicyness is just nice, which is acceptable for me. Note: i love spicy stuff so that level of spicyness is quite low for me. And if you really cannot take it, they have this icy cold soup where you can sort of cure the spicyness but it tastes a bit weird and funny to me. I didnt drink that soup and still manage to withstand the spicyness! :D Their portion is quite big so unless you are super hungry that you can eat a horse, otherwise just stick to 2-portion-3-person rule. Here's how you should order.
Oh ya, another thing that you must order is the ramen add on with cheese. It's the must eat food!! Omg typing this makes me hungry. T_T. Price is quite reasonable though. The last time we went, the bill was RM92 for 5 person. It's quite reasonable for Korean food. Anyway, here's the bunch of people who went yesterday.
Emelia's rainbow balloon

Not forgetting to pose for the camera

That's the ramen with cheese!!!

Trying to look like someone who failed in their business

Yeah man, my apron is cooler than yours!

Some bromance here..Aww~~

Oppa Gangnam style!

All the best Emelia! These 3 months have been fun with you! I will miss you. :'(
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