Book Review : For One More Day by Mitch Albom

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Just finished reading "For One More Day" by Mitch Albom. I have to say that i have mixed feelings after finished reading it. In fact, everytime i finishes a book or a movie, i have that kind of feeling. Weird, mixed feeling like i can no longer see the person in the book/movie anymore. Have you experienced that before? It's like something is missing. Hmm, anyway from this book, there's 2 major lessons learnt.

1. Make the correct decision
By this i mean correct, not good. Good is not neccesarily correct and correct might not necessarily be good. Why i say so? Because the leading character in this book made a decision that he regretted for his whole life. *Warning: Spoiler ahead!* The leading character's dad called and asked him to play for a match where that place is far from where he stayed and he needs to take plane to reach there. Initially he promised his mother to have brunch together with the family but because of a call from the dad(which is divorced from his mum), he lied to his mum saying he got a meeting to attend. After the game, he received a call from his wife saying that his mother died because she fell down and didnt manage to get help immediately. He regretted and thought that if he wasnt away from home, he could have save his mum. This one wrong decision cost him his life. His life was literally ruined.

2. See things from every angle
It's not good to see things one-sidedly because one day you might regret for being so biased. Again, spoiler ahead. :P. In the beginning of the book, the leading character's dad and mum was divorced and he put the blame on his mum for the absence of his dad. He thought that it was his mum who caused the divorced. He was so rebellious and against his mum throughout his teenage years. Only after the accident, when he met his mother (which might be a ghost or illusion, up to you to interpret), he realized that it was his dad that he had been admired for that long who caused the divorce. It was a shocking news and at that point, those regrets were like a pile of heavy rocks pushing him down leaving him speechless. That is why the old saying "Don't judge a book by its cover".

This is really a good book. And i think everyone should read it. Because sometimes you're too busy and overwhelmed with your life that you tend to forget something and take certain things for granted. It's really really a good book and i am planning to buy the other books written by Mitch Albom.


Alicia.L said...

I had read this book few times and indeed.. it's a very good book :)

Good review btw :D

ken kent chen said...

Hope you get the lessons!

hsien said...

@alicia : yes it is a good book! just saw your comments sorry. >.<

@ken kent chen : yeap i do. hehe..