Veet it off!!

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I am pretty sure Veet is a household name to all the girls out there. It's something that gives you smooth and hairless skin! Imagine this, you're on a date with a hot guy and you were trying to flirt with your legs so you tried to seduce him with your legs but damn! those hair on your legs! It's such a turn off aint it? Ok you have hairless legs, how bout your, erm, armpit? C'mon, we're all human after all. You want to look good in that sleeveless shirt dontcha? Here comes the saviour, Veet!!! :D Veet it off and bring out the confidence in you! Lol, sounds like a commercial. Anyway, though this is a bit cliche, but i do think girls feel more confident after waxing and everything. Not only it feels like you "unloaded" some stuff off you, you feel sexier too! And you would want to wear clothes that will boost your confidence! So start using Veet today girls! ;)

Anyway, i revamped one of my tops. I was kinda afraid when i was cutting it. I was afraid that i might tear it. But i think it turns out quite well. Hehe.

So unflattering O_o

Wee~ From an oversized top to a crop top!! I think it turns out quite well. I mean it's not like it's perfect but it's nice and this is my first time doing it! successkid.jpg. And fingers crossed, hopefully i can win this *___*

Oh just in case you are still unsure about how Veet works, no worries, we are in this world with a handy tool called Youtube. Check out the videos below! ;)