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I had an appointment at Shah Alam few days back and i thought this is a good opportunity to try out at those cafes nearby which is somewhere around Kota Kemuning. Because according to CafehopKL, there's a few cafe around Kota Kemuning. And i actually researched a day before on which cafe to go coz there were 3 cafes and in the end i chose Brew & Bread. Maybe another time for the other 2 cafes? Hehe.

So i went there around 2 something hoping to get some lunch and this is what i ordered.
Prawn Aglio Olio (forgive my thumb on the bottom left of the picture)

Iced Latte
The aglio olio was good and it's spicy enough. Me likey! The combination was good and the prawn is fresh. No complains on the aglio olio. But i think the portion is not filling enough and i guess there's a reason behind it. I'll share with you what's the reason behind it. As for drinks, i ordered the iced latte which also did not dissapoint but it was too icey. Maybe less ice will be better. Hehe, just my two cents.

Yogurt Cheese
I guess that's the reason why the spaghetti is not filling enough. Because they want you to try their desserts! Btw, i tried to tilt the photo but it somehow turned out that way. Hmm. Back to the cake, yea, i wasn't full enough so i went over to their dessert section and i saw this. It's actually cheesecake so nothing much to shout about. The food is ok, the ambience is good but what surprised me the most is their hospitality.

There was a girl sitting opposite studying for her exam i guess. Coz i saw there's a big stack of notes on the table. And halfway studying she got tired so she fell asleep. Nothing special about it coz well sometimes i did that too. Hehe. But one of the staff walked over to her table and asked her whether is she ok. I mean, this is something small. A small gesture but this shows how much they concern about each customer. At least that's what i thought. I know we might not like people disturbing us when we are resting but what if the girl passed out or something. At least the staff is caring enough to check on her, to make sure that she is fine. I think other than good food, good people/staff is important too. For that, i give them two thumbs up!


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