Nuffnang Comic Bloggers Gathering

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So i saw there's this comic bloggers gathering that Nuffnang is organizing. Well if you ask me, i love to draw stuff. But bear this is mind, love to draw and having the talent to draw is 2 different thing. And this is what always happened when i was trying to draw something.

This is what i have in mind about what to draw:

This is the outcome of my drawings:
What? There's still 60% alike. The hair, the mouth and everything. Right right?
Well, anyway, i really want to attend this comic blogger gathering so that they can teach some dummy proof skills to draw a better comic me. T___T And yes, the image above is the comic me that i am going to submit.  Or hey Nuffnang, if you don't mind, can i cheat? :B with this.

It's a very comical me! :D