Emelia's Farewell @ Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant

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This is actually my second visit to Uncle Jang. The first time was actually 2 weeks ago. The food is nice and affordable at the same time, compared to other Korean restaurants. Maybe because they only have a few choices of food available? They are actually famous for Dak Galbi. Dak Galbi is a very popular Korean dish where you stir fry marinated chicken with rice cakes, cabbage, potato, onions and chilli paste. They have spicy and non spicy option. The last time we went, there was 5 of us and we ordered 3 portions. 2 portion non spicy and 1 portion spicy and the level of spicyness is just nice, which is acceptable for me. Note: i love spicy stuff so that level of spicyness is quite low for me. And if you really cannot take it, they have this icy cold soup where you can sort of cure the spicyness but it tastes a bit weird and funny to me. I didnt drink that soup and still manage to withstand the spicyness! :D Their portion is quite big so unless you are super hungry that you can eat a horse, otherwise just stick to 2-portion-3-person rule. Here's how you should order.
Oh ya, another thing that you must order is the ramen add on with cheese. It's the must eat food!! Omg typing this makes me hungry. T_T. Price is quite reasonable though. The last time we went, the bill was RM92 for 5 person. It's quite reasonable for Korean food. Anyway, here's the bunch of people who went yesterday.
Emelia's rainbow balloon

Not forgetting to pose for the camera

That's the ramen with cheese!!!

Trying to look like someone who failed in their business

Yeah man, my apron is cooler than yours!

Some bromance here..Aww~~

Oppa Gangnam style!

All the best Emelia! These 3 months have been fun with you! I will miss you. :'(