Astro On The Go Party With Churp Churp and Nuffnang

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So last Saturday i went to this Astro On The Go Party organized by Churp Churp, Nuffnang and of course Astro! It was a launch of their Astro On The Go App where you can watch certain Astro programme on your iPhone, iPad and even Android phone. But Android user have to wait till September to enjoy this privilege. The party was at The Pool, Jalan Ampang. The place was kind difficult to find coz they dont have a big ass signboard or something. The signboard they have, you cant really read the words if you are driving. Coz you need to strain your eyes to read it but i think it's not a problem there coz that road is always jammed! Pfft. Anyway, let the photos do the talking. :)

This is The Pool. Yea, that's the pool.

This girl just loves to camwhore.

Winner of the best dressed that night! 

Here she is again..
Harimau Malaya RAWR!

Caught off guard

And pose again..

Overall, the event was good! Everything went well, thank god. :P. And i think the app is cool where they allow Astro user to watch their programmes for free until 31st August 2012 if not mistaken. But too bad i dont have a iPhone or else i'll definitely try it out! And you people who owns iPhone or Android phone, go try it out and let me know kay! :D If you are not sure how to use it, let me show you how.
Click on the image to enlarge it
It's super easy! Just follow the 3 steps shown in the picture above and voila you can watch your favourite program! Super cool right? Ugh, feel like signing up for Astro now! Oh btw,  i had a photo taken with Adam C but too bad something wrong with the camera and the photo is ruined. :/ Le sigh.. Going to Colgate event later. ;) See ya!


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