Ikea Damansara

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So last weekend i went to Ikea in Damansara. Ya i know it's not something very special. But it's been a loooooong time since i went there. My last time there was like 3 or 4 years back. So i get kinda excited when i know i'm going there! :D Well my sole purpose of going there is to get their meatballs. Yes!! Meatballs! and not furniture. Lol. Honestly, things have changed quite a bit since the last time I went. So yea, I was kind of excited and I was like little kids checking out those stuff there. And I took lots of photos. Heh.
The queue is really long! But the wait wasn't hehe. Maybe coz those workers are efficient. ;)

I like the way they display their prawns. :)


We ordered poached salmon with chives sauce, meatballs, mushroom soup and  almond chocolate cake. 

I like this. Though the sauce might not be likeable by others. Oh btw, the broccoli is HUMONGOUS! So satisfying!

Ooops, forgot bout the cinnamon bun. It tastes good after heating it with the microwave.

What fascinates me the most about this machine is that all drinks are sold at RM1. FREAKING RM1! ok la, not all, like those bottled drinks, it's RM2. But other than that, everything is at RM1. Pepsi leh! Ok, maybe you said Pepsi is selling like less than RM1 in hypermarkets but considering this is in the middle of the shopping centre, it's very cheap.

Chocolate Milk Tea from Ding Tea. First time trying their chocolate. Quite nice though. Another drink i like from Ding Tea is the oolong milk tea. Quite nice. Worth a try. ;)

Another awesome thing is their flea market. Not sure whether is it called flea market. There's a row of stalls selling all kinds of things at the pathway. Near Sakae Sushi that pathway. Ok la, maybe people who stay nearby there goes everyday (if they're opened everyday) but the things are awesome. I even bought those meme badges. So cute! Shall upload the pics later. ;).


Mun said...

Yourblog so cute!! I miss eating meatball.. >_<

hsien said...

Omg! i just saw your comments! Ya, it was awesomeeeee! Let's go together one day? :D