Nyok Lan Kajang Satay

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I was at Kajang today due to some work appointments. And i was thinking since i'm in Kajang, why not trying their local delicacies, the famous Kajang satay. To be honest, i don't really remember whether did i try i before but for sure i don't recall trying it in the past 10 years. I wasn't really sure whether which stall is the best and so i asked XBlog Malaysia (more about this later on) and apparently most of the search result suggested Nyok Lan Kajang Satay and it so happened that it's just walking distance from the place i was having appointment.

This is the place.
It's quite easy to find. If you are coming from Sg Long, just take the exit to Kajang and then just go straight until you see the police station which is on your left, turn left and this shop is just down the road.

It's my first time here, well, as far as i remembered. I wasn't really sure how to order so i just walked in like a lost child and ask around and the aunty asked me to read the menu board. So there's chicken, beef, mutton, duck and fish satay. Actually i wanted to ask whether do they have the duck satay because i told the aunty "5 sticks for each flavour" and apparently there wasn't any duck satay in my pack of satayssssss. I was curious but i did not ask in the end because the staffs there are so grumpy that i am afraid that if i ask more, they will give me a cold stare or worst still, give me a lecture. :P. It's my fault for not asking so i should not put the blame on others hahaha.

So in the end i bought 10 chicken satay, 5 beef satay, 5 mutton satay, 5 fish satay, 3 ketupats, 4 pieces of chicken wing, one cantonese yin yong and one hailam mee. Looks like a feast, doesnt it? Haha. It's for 4 person so don't judge. Lol.

Looks unassuming huh? Wait wait, this is just the beginning. Let me show you the rest.

My comments: The cantonese yin yong and the hailam mee is just ok. There's stall selling same stuff but tastes much better. The chicken wing was ok too. Not too bad but there's one chicken wing stall somewhere near my house is better. The satay was just normal too. But wait, the best thing is yet to be presented, which is................
Yes! The sauce!!! Again, this looks normal to you right? Don't let that fool you. The sauce is not to be eaten alone. It has to go with this.
Again, this sambal alone doesn't taste right. You have to mix it with the peanut sauce. OWH MAI GAWD! THAT'S THE BOMB!!! IT TASTES SO GOOD AFTER YOU MIX THEM TOGETHER THAT I CAN ONLY EXPRESS ITS AWESOMENESS WITH CAPITAL LETTERS!

Seriously, the sauce is really the bomb. I don't know how to describe the taste but trust me it definitely tastes awesome. I was thinking whether can we buy their sauce only? Hehe. Will there be second visit for me? It depends how much am i craving for satay, no, i mean the sauce. X)