Express Gathering

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I always thought the last time i updated my blog was like 2 weeks ago and when i realized it, it's already a month! :O yes! a month! Dang!

Anyway, had an express gathering 2 days back. It was an express one for me coz i need to go back to office after that. So i stayed for around 1 hour and then went back after that. Another reason why it was an express on is because there wasn't many people attended. Well, not to say it's a good thing that they didnt come but it's good in a way that the session was a lil more personal as you get to know each other even better. Not to say we dont know each other before this. Just that we didnt meet for a long time, there's definitely a lot of things to catch up. So yea, it was a good one. At least i get to know Wanyi more. :P.


Famous star!

That was my first time trying Carls Jr after for dont know how many zillion years. And i think it's more worth it compared to McD. It's more expensive compared to McD but for that amount of money and the size of the food, it's more worth it. Trust me. I ordered Super star with cheese. It's quite filling. If you're a small eater then maybe you can share it with another friend.

As we grew older, we get busier with our work, life and other stuff. It's good to have gathering like this once in a while. Maybe not all can make it but it's good if at least 2 or 3 can make it. Because we're no longer in our high school days where we all have the same schedule. That's why i think it's impossible for us to have the same free time/ free slot. So we should just meet up whenever we have time! :)