Telematch-Station Games

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Finally i get to go online.Don't know what happened to my stupid connection or what.I can't sign in to blogspot to post my blog and finally i managed to signed in today.Yay!!Omg,i have so many things to post about.From Thursday till now.Hmm,seems like i'm going to post 2 or 3 post in one day.Again.Wll,nevermind lor.

Let's talk about the telematch that has already passed.Or rather,station games.It was on Thursday and Chean and the Kita(those who go tuition at Kita) gang were in dilemma of going to tuition or not.But in the end,i think onli few went.Hehe.....

So,our class planned this~a bucket filled with maggots with beads of white and turquoise colour underneath.They were requested to get the turquoise one.Collect a total of 50 beads.And with the beads on their hand,they have to do frog jumping to reach point B from point A.My god,you will sure feel the pain in your leg after doing that.This idea was inspired by last year's U6K.The concept la.

Everything goes on very well,despite of some incidents which will really kill my mood to continue blog about what i wanted to blog.Everything going quite ok-ly but what made me feel happy and touched and dono what feeling i how united are those kensettians.In this case,of course,it's lower 6 kensett who joined the station games.

You wanna know?Hmm,ok la,tell you la *though maybe you don't really want to know*.Before the game started,each team were given a packet of balloon and they have to write their team members' name on it and protect it during the whole game and don't let it become .....

And they also have to beware of people who.....

Nola!No guns are allowed in school compound.

During the whole game,the cute kensett juniors really protected it with whole their heart and at that moment,i was really touched by what they did.I mean,even during the game,they were so helpful among each other and they really listened to their leader and not just being stubborn with their own opinion.Btw,i think their leg are still pain till today.Hehe.And if any kensett juniors who joined the station games happen to read this,i am going to give them free sign and free chop.Coz i really admire what they did.Really although you might not agree with what i feel.But........this is what i feel mah,so?