Late post

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To my dear readers,the post just under this is just published today but then it was something happened on saturday but that time i was so sleepy coz i was blogging at night mah.So sure sleepy la.Until today only i post it.:P.Erm,anyway,nothing special happened today.Ah,wait,got.

Today after having our lunch in the canteen,some of the juniors approached us for our signature.I was so kind coz i think i didn't play them too much.I just asked them to sing,decorate my box where i should sign,and do bookmark for me.And one of the junior named Ho Suet Mun if i am not mistaken,she did a bookmark for me,it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute with a monkey and a banana.It's really really cute.Love it so much.Thanks Suet Mun!;D.Ok,back to the canteen,as usual i asked them to find other people to sign first and i asked one of the junior to pluck Daniel's hair before i chop for them.Hahahahaha.Daniel,prepare to lose your hair.Chean even asked the juniors to take Daniel's toeprint.Hahahaha.Poor Daniel.He said he just cut his hair and now he need to be plucked by those juniors.I mean his hair.Hmm,maybe after being "orientated",those juniors are more polite now when asking for signatures.Good.Keep it up.To juniors,if you continue being polite,for sure you won't face any problem in getting signatures anymore but then just do what the seniors asked you to do as long as it doesn't involve money.Btw,Janice asked one of the junior to said i love you to Daniel.Haha.